As we are getting closer to AC IV’s release date, more info and images show up. but now thanks to french gamers in Ubisoft official forums we have world premiere review score of the game from JeuxVideo magazine which gave the game 18 out of 20. you can read some details about this review below (there might be some minor spoilers, all info by Clement4492 and Abyssarus from ubisoft forums.):

AC4 received 18/20.

4/5 For Gameplay
4/5 For the gaphics
5/5 for the soundtrack
5/5 for the length of the game


Positive aspects of the game:
-Wonderful world / map
-A lot of things to do
-Stealth works very well, you can chose how to approach your taget, etc..

Negatives aspects of the game!
– Technical problems
– lose of frame rate on PS3
– aliasing on PS4
(I guess they played the game on PS3 & PS4 because there are nothing about Xbox)

Other things you shloud know:

-Cities are better than AC3 (for free running)
-This is A TRUE AC GAME, and the most accomplished of the franchise.
-Combats are slower than AC3…
-…There are less weapons, less new types of ennemies…
-… But naval battles are amazing !

-You’ll play as Edward like 10 minutes after launching the game on your console
-Naval is amazing
-Economic system of AC4 is easier to understand and really well made (you board ships, and sell ressources)
-You’ll need to upgrade your ship to succes on seas. To upgrade your ship you’ll need ressources. You can get them by boarding ships.
-Taking forts have an impact on Edward’s progression. It will reveal the location of special places such as caves.
-In all main or secondary missions you can play stealthy if you chose to.
-The involvement of Edward in the Templar-Assassin conflict is a bit predictable but still well done by Darby. You’ll see a lot of history events.

About PS4 version:

-Beautiful, fluid, … BUT there are aliasing on some textures.

About PS3 version:

-Almost like PS4 even if textures are kind of blurred.. The only thing is that there are loss of framerates.

TO CONCLUDE: AC4 is the most successful game of the franchise. Better mechanics of gameplay, better level design, the game is a real success. You’ll need about 20 hours to complete the main path and 50 hours to complete everything

you can have a look at mentioned thread here thanks to google cashing, because its been deleted. and this is JeuxVideo’s cover:

thanks Behrooz from bazicenter forums for the tip.

4 نظر برای “First Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Review Score Leaked

در صورتی که نظر شما به پست مربوط نیست لطفاً از صفحه تماس با من استفاده کنید.

برای اینکه بازی در حال انجامتان یا بازی مورد علاقه یتان در کنار نام و آواتار شما در قسمت نظرات نمایش داده شود، میتوانید وارد پروفایل خود شده و آن را اضافه کنید.

با کلیک روی هر یک از دکمه های زیر می توانید نظرات مربوط به گروه خاصی از کاربران را مخفی کنید. برای مثال روی دکمه کاربر تازه کار کلیک کنید تا تمام نظرات مربوط به همه کاربران تازه کار ناپدید شود. توجه داشته باشید که در این صورت جواب دیگر گروه ها به کامنت مربوطه هم ناپدید خواهند شد.

مدیریت سایت حـــــــــرفه ای کاربر فعال کاربر تازه کار
پنهان کردن / نمایش نظرات کاربران
  1. hossein code مدیریت سایت هیچی!

    خدمت دوستان فارسی زبان عرض کنم که بازی از مجله فرانسوی Juex Video امتیاز 18 از 20 گرفته!

  2. reza کاربر مهمان

    باید این نسخه ارزش بازی کردن رو داشته باشه!

  3. Ali-Chalk Head کاربر مهمان

    Edward ابهت Ezio رو نداره.دیگه هیچوقت مثل Brother Hood نمیشه.به نظرم ارزش بازی کردن نداره.

  4. amir-kalak تازه کار

    من همه ی assassin’s ها رو دوست دارم غیر از 3!!!
    نصف بازی رو میری بعد تازه آقا به دنیا میاد.
    سالار همشون revelations.

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